Entrepreneur vs Coworker

While many people, including myself, know that things may be very different for a coworker vs an entrepreneur it is important to know that the two parties may have different attitudes towards the same thing. But I have not thought about it past that. Not only is this important to understand, but it’s important to comprehend for all entrepreneurs (and coworkers). For a typical employee, work is seen as something to get away from. A 9–5 or 40/hr a week type of position to make ends meet. Entrepreneurs on the other hand, see this as something to be excited about and not something that s boring or something they want to get away from. Entrepreneurs should see this as an opportunity to try and make work as positive, inclusive, and fun as possible.while also incorporating work-life balance. Companies that enforce this typically have the most employee satisfaction. Second, the coworker only puts in serious efforts for short amounts of time. Third, coworkers deserve support. It is important that they are recognized for their hard work. Entrepreneurs may not feel they need to receive this, but it is important that give it. Last, employees need income annually, this is an expectation for them. Employees get paid last and whenever they can. It is important to not only understand the differences between an entrepreneur and a coworker, but to enforce, incorporate, and remember these practices no matter what side of the job you are on.